Modern adhesive technology provides designers with completely new options for interior architecture as it offers many advantages compared to other bonding methods. This is particularly true when it comes to bonding different materials. In addition to this, unlike drilling, gluing does not create holes – after all, even accurately drilled holes in walls and tiles are difficult to cover or remove later. But glue residues can be easily removed after items have been dismantled. In addition to the visual benefits – very thin and small parts can also be joined together – gluing ensures that forces are transmitted over a large area producing uniform stress distribution.

Die Montage ist denkbar einfach: Kleber auftragen, trocknen lassen, festschrauben.

emco has also discovered the advantages of adhesive mounting for itself. The new "emco glue system" not only has extreme holding power, but also offers a lot of comfort, because it combines secure hold with uncomplicated attachment in just a few steps. Even the exact alignment of the accessory is still possible after the adhesive plate has been attached. Bonding is above all an elegant solution for high-quality tiles or in rental properties, as it avoids damage and repair costs. The adhesive system was designed for the round series and will also be available for other accessory series in the future.

We have extensively tested the long-term stability - even in damp rooms. This guarantees that the adhesive bond lasts until you want to remove it yourself.

Peter Fichte, Managing Director i.GLUESYSTEMS

Extreme adhesive strength even in damp rooms

The emco glue system includes all the materials required for fixing: cleaning cloth, abrasive fleece, 2-component adhesive and an application description. Bonding is possible on all surfaces that are load-bearing and free of dust, grease, oil and dirt. Optimum results are achieved when bonding to tiles, concrete and glass. Thanks to a special adhesive ring, the accessory can be mounted immediately after application, and the load can be applied after only four hours. In addition, the adhesive complies with the European chemicals regulation REACH and is free from hazardous substance labels. The high quality and extreme holding power - even in damp rooms - has been thoroughly tested in the laboratory. This ensures that the adhesive bond holds until it is removed manually. Incidentally, disassembly is just as easy as fastening. On smooth surfaces, the adhesive bond can be easily removed, for example with a spatula. Any adhesive residue can then be removed easily with a ceramic field scraper or cloth.

Elegant accessories for gluing

The new adhesive system was created for the round series: Available in black or chrome, the accessories fit perfectly into every bathroom. The round portfolio includes toilet paper holders and toilet brush sets, liquid soap dispensers, glass and soap holders, towel holders and hooks. The elegant, round look sets the style - either in a classic chrome look or with a black surface that reflects current trends. Unique is the flexibility with regard to mounting options: Almost all products in the series can be screwed on in the classic way, but are also designed for drill-free and therefore dust-free adhesive mounting.

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