Außenansicht des Gebäudes mit Blick auf den Eingangsbereich.

Art has many forms, but it always needs a stage – whether this is in a public space, museum or theatre. One of these locations is the Stage Theater im Hafen on the River Elbe in Hamburg, which was built in 1994 with a tent-like design. At the time it was the venue for the musical Buddy. The Theatre provides visitors with entertainment combined with culture. Those who come here to see an exciting musical also get to see the art of a famous artist outside – for a comprehensive artistic experience.


Architecture with added value

Art right from the start: two impressive, colourful sculptures by French artist Niki de Saint Phalle welcome visitors at the front of the building. The theatre was modified in 2001 by Hamburg architect Klaus Latuske. This included the addition of a stage tower built especially for Disney’s “Lion King” production, which has been a great success ever since. As well as the tower, a glass entrance area with a foyer and skyline restaurant were also added to the tent-like design of the theatre. The architecture is spectacular: the restaurant is on two floors, which are built on supporting columns above the foyer. The 7 x 50 metre glass front provides unique views over the river and city centre.



Die Statue von Niki de Saint phalle vor dem Gebäude.


A theatre for the arts

Architecture to set the scene: all these benefits are enjoyed by about 2,000 visitors eight times a week, when they enter the musical theatre to enjoy an entertaining evening, starting with the modern art on show in the foyer. To keep the premises clean throughout, emco DIPLOMAT ORIGINAL entrance mats have been installed in the Stage Theater. The mats reliably remove dirt and moisture from shoes even when visitor numbers are high. To fit in with the universal design of the entrance, the mats were chosen in anthracite with black anodised aluminium profiles. emco entrance mats can always be matched to suit any architectural style.


Blick auf den Empfangsbereich mit Eingangsmatten von Emco.
Ansicht auf den Haupteingang mit Eingangsmatten von Emco.
Der Eingangsbereich des Gebäudes mit Eingangsmatten von Emco.

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