Entwurf von Häusern auf dem Mond
3D-Drucker in einer Halle

In cooperation with Alta SpA, Monolite UK and the Scuola Superiore Sant 'Anna, Foster + Partners is responsible for the ESA project, which provides for the construction of a stable building on the moon.

By means of a rocket parts of a moon station are to reach the planet. A 3D printer is then used to build the structure from the moon material Regolith layer by layer.

The structure is simulated with simulated Monderde in a vacuum chamber that simulates the non-atmospheric conditions on the Moon.



Detail eines Daches von einem Haus auf dem Mond

At the Vienna University of Technology, students were already working on the theme "colonization of the moon" as early as 2012. One of the designs featured a metal stationery research station over a crater. Covered with a plastic skin, it should provide space for working areas above and radiate-protected living areas below the crater edge. A greenhouse should provide the six inhabitants with food. Protection against cosmic radiation should be ensured by a membrane coated with a lunar dust covering the complete crater.

Still no project is realized, but a life on the moon is approaching ...

Architekturmodel eines Gebäudes auf dem Mond

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