The architects of WOMhouse designed the so-called "Chameleon Villa" in a village in the southwest coastal region of Bali. The residence overlooks a dense forest and a river - and the greenery of the surroundings can also be found in and around the house. The architecture combines sustainability and comfort.

Architecture: Borrowing from traditional building methods

WOMhouse has created a group of buildings in Bali that appear as part of the territory itself and sometimes disappear into it, while at other times they stand out. The buildings are located on different levels - each one fulfilling its specific function, a typical feature of traditional Balinese architecture. Spaces and small gardens have been created, and views of the forest open up everywhere.


Sustainability: Camouflage roofs provide cooling

All common rooms in the Chameleon Villa are open to the outside, while the bedrooms and other rooms - such as the office, fitness room and media room - are more private and closed to the inside. The shape of the main building is reminiscent of rectangular volumes stacked on top of each other and consists of an outer frame that protects the interior from the elements and provides insulation. Camouflage roofs with several levels of vegetation provide a cooling effect for the rooms below and contribute to the collection of rainwater.

Fotos: © WOMhouse

Handling resources: sustainable construction

The buildings are both organic and modern in design and were constructed using natural and local materials. The architects have taken a sustainable approach to the project - with solar panels, waste water treatment and rainwater harvesting for garden irrigation. This allows the architecture to convince on all levels.

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