Minimalist architecture for quality time in nature

After the presentation of several prototypes during the Tokyo Design Week in 2015, the minimalist weekend houses by Muji are now available to buy in Japan from autumn 2017. These huts, with their unobtrusive design, cost much less than a normal holiday home to buy but provide a deeper connection with their location than a caravan. You can set up a Muji cabin in the mountains, by the sea or in your own back garden, it blends in with the surroundings, inviting you to get back to nature and enjoy a simple life. This is the vision behind the Muji hut concept.

The compact structure has a footprint of a bare ten square metres and offers space for up to four people to sit comfortably inside the hut – ideal for a weekend trip for the average city dweller. Despite its tiny size, the hut has ample light, thanks to its large sliding doors, and window on the rear wall. The architecture makes use of traditional Japanese shipbuilding techniques: the exterior is clad in cedar wood, charred black to make it particularly durable – this treatment also gives it special antiseptic properties. Similarly to traditional houses, the hut has a concrete foundation to protect against ground moisture.

All images: © Muji

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