The image of the niche has been renewed: innovative possibilities have been discovered to design with it and to make optimal use of space potential. Especially in the bathroom, niches can be used as storage compartments or as design accents. All kinds of things are stylishly stored here - from towels to beautifully shaped vases.

Flush-mounted module for the bathroom: ASIS PLUS The doors of all modules can be fitted with tiles, wood, Corian and other effective wall materials.

Whether for the shower, above the bathtub, next to the mirror or anywhere in the wall: constructive solutions for niches in the bathroom are increasingly demanded by the building owner, because they not only offer flexible creative possibilities in terms of design, but also the potential for additional storage space in the bathroom. Many things can simply disappear here. This is particularly important in small bathrooms that do not offer much space. Niches in the bathroom are just as suitable as an easy-to-clean shelf for shampoo or shower gel as they are as a decorative element or space for a built-in module.

The wall niche can be a practical shelf or an elegant eye-catcher - it is up to the designer to create the best niche solution for the room.

Making optimum use of niches with built-in modules

Less is more - this also applies to the bathroom, where it is easy to make things invisible. A minimalist design can easily be realised by invisible wall niches behind mirrors. If you opt for bathroom modules - with or without a mirror door - you can use niches in the bathroom to create discreet storage space for toilet brushes, spare toilet paper and other utensils without losing any space. So they disappear into the wall without any problems. But niches can also be used as elegant storage areas above the washbasin - as a module with a door, the niche also contributes to a tidier, more structured impression of the bathroom. Open, somewhat more generously dimensioned niches also offer potential for individual lighting by means of LEDs or, in larger bathrooms, as an open niche with a design object, provide more dynamism in the room. But of course there are also other possibilities for designing niches.


emco touch combines LED light, mirror, washstand and fittings to create an intelligently designed wash place - a real eye-catcher in combination with suitably designed niches.

Varied colour and material design

Discreet to sensational ideas for interior design: The niche can be lined with a wide variety of materials, including stainless steel, tiles and wood. The latter, as a sustainable material, is certainly suitable for the noble and natural design of niches in the bathroom - outside the shower area. Moisture-resistant wood types such as oak or teak bring a piece of nature into the room - and recessed spotlights for integrated lighting can also be effortlessly incorporated into the material. Tile, a material familiar from the bathroom, requires the same skill in wall niches as in the rest of the bathroom. If the tiles are cut and laid professionally and precisely, they are an excellent alternative that can be used to accentuate the niche in many different ways. Recommended for a purist design is the waterproof material stainless steel - rust-proof and modern, with a matt or glossy surface, painted in a wide range of colours. Also ideal for flush-mounted modules. In addition, there are almost no limits to your imagination - a shelf recessed into the niche, a mirrored back wall that visually enlarges the bathroom, the design as a splash of colour in the bathroom ...


Wall niches offer good opportunities to discreetly place all kinds of accessories, for example the toilet brush.   

Unlimited possibilities for stylish interiors

There are no limits to inspiration: Niches can certainly have a space-creating character by taking up and organising necessary functions. Wall niches in the bathroom can be realised in a wide range of sizes, they can be generously dimensioned, extend along the entire length of the room or plan across corners. Contrasting tiles and colours can be used to set accents and thus support different interior design styles. Niches can be square or rectangular, horizontal or vertical and can be filled with various materials and objects. Individual solutions can thus be found that harmoniously underline the overall concept of the room and create additional storage space in the bathroom. For example, a stylish built-in shelf in the shower can be taken into account in the planning. Such a decorative niche with shelf is not only practical. It is also aesthetically pleasing and represents a room solution that increases the view of the room.


emco asis - compact, flush, striking.

Dry or wet - installation options

Both in wet and dry construction, niches in the bathroom can be easily created. In solid walls, they are of course best left out directly during bricklaying. If they were not taken into account in the planning phase, they can be mortised out of the wall later, depending on the wall thickness. If the walls are load-bearing, a pre-wall in which finished niches are directly built in can be realized without any problems using dry construction methods. This is also feasible for small bathrooms, as the room volume is not significantly reduced.


Diverse possibilities for niche design with emco asis

Flush-mounted modules

However, it is particularly easy if you decide on a flush-mounted module from emco, because the matching installation frame is supplied with the stainless steel element. Sealing is also an issue that should not be underestimated; after all, the ingress of water into the building structure must be prevented. It is therefore helpful that the sealing material is also included in the delivery. The modules can thus be installed very easily and safely. The emco asis series is recommended here, for example. A wide range of products for flush-mounted installation is available here - cabinet modules of various sizes with a generous storage compartment, glass shelves and LED lighting, internally mirrored doors and large-surface mirrored door, as well as many other modules - from guest WC modules to toilet paper modules for the toilet and storage modules. And there are various materials for the doors to choose from for optimum design coordination.

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