Sometimes opposites are only seemingly contradictory, sometimes they simply complement each other well. This is the case with the furnishing trend 'Modern Traditional', which already carries the supposed contradiction in its name. Especially in the creative and fast-moving interior design industry, past and current trends are constantly being merged into new directions. Modern Tradition combines various styles into a harmonious mix of the tried and true and the contemporary.

Great variety of facets

Opulence is not the order of the day at the moment. Instead, muted colors, clear shapes and a distinct appearance are trumps. This also applies to Modern Traditional, a style that has nothing to do with classic interior characteristics. It brings together the Nordic nonchalance of Scandinavian style with authentic materials as in contemporary Chinese design and the romantic aspects of country house style. The appeal of Modern Traditional lies in its diversity. The style combines functionality, comfort and simplicity without ever looking boring.


emco washbasins easily fit into the modern-traditional style.

Pleasant restraint

If you like it cozy and natural, but also straightforward and puristic, Modern Traditional is the perfect choice. Because here, too, the well-known design principle of 'less is more' applies. White dominates in terms of color: from eggshell to pure white to ivory. Together with untreated wood, a rustic atmosphere is created, which is supported by furnishings from times gone by. Beautiful pieces from ancestral estates can be integrated here, as well as new or old display cabinets, buffets or solid wooden tables. These combinations create an invitingly individual ambience that interprets the traditional in a contemporary way and pays adequate tribute to the details and their stories. The focus is on everyday objects, chairs or tableware for example. Accessories such as pictures or flower vases are used only very sparingly.

Reinterpreted past

Designer Emily Henderson offers a few tips on how to achieve the modern-traditional style: Handmade vintage furniture, individual details and organic materials in combination with smooth surfaces and modern appliances combine the flair of past times with modern living. Not too ornate, not too heavily patterned - and ideally a natural floor covering like wood to go with it.

emco Bad offers matching accessories in the form of classically designed accessory series. In this way, the Modern Traditional living trend can be supported right through to the bathroom. Examples include the puristically designed FLOW series, emco washbasin solutions with a straightforward design and high functionality, and the CUE series. The latter impresses with a shapely selection of products for the modern bathroom and can be harmoniously combined with other furnishings.


emco CUE


emco FLOW

Header photo by Brad Javernick of Home Oomph

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