Blick auf den Pool im Innehof des Gebäudes

A few years ago an Englishman named Ray came to Malta, a friend of the arts, fell in love with the capital Valletta and started looking for a house there. After visiting a restaurant built by Chris Briffa Architects, he visited the architect Chris Briffa and asked him to visit a property with him.


What Briffa got to see was a very unusual house for Valletta. The rooms were not only very spacious, but also offered views of an interior garden. This inward-facing design met Ray's desire for privacy. Apart from the predominant material limestone, there was very little in the building that corresponded to the typical architecture of Valletta.

Einblick in den innenliegenden Hof

Photos: © Chris Briffa Architects

The architecture: a refuge as a place for art

There were no windows to the street and no typical Maltese balcony. Views of the city were only provided by the roof terrace - from there you can see the dome of the famous Carmelite Church. In order to take advantage of this unique view while maintaining privacy, a penthouse was built on the roof, which opens the view of the dome through a frame and is otherwise surrounded by walls. Ray also wanted his house to provide a friendly atmosphere and space for art: paintings, sculptures, eclectic furniture, and large objects.

Chris Briffa says Ray's house is one of the most beautiful the office in Valletta has built. This was not least due to the client, who not only knew how to incorporate the iconic dome into the concept, but also sensitively balanced old and new - using traditional materials such as lime and contemporary concrete.





Blick auf den abendlich beleuchtetet Innenhof mit einer Sitzgruppe
Blick auf den von der Decke hängenden Kamin
Fassade im Innenhof mit Bogenfenstern
Sicht vom Innenhof nach Außen
Blick in den Innenhof auf den Pool
Blick von Innen durch die Terassentür auf eine hell erleuchtete Kuppel vor dem blauen Nachthimmel
Blick auf die unregelmäßuge Außenfassade
hängende Metalltreppe im Innenhof des Gebäudes

Commitment to art and culture

Art, architecture and culture are traditionally also special concerns of the emco Group: The Kulturforum Sankt Michael in Lingen is a multifunctional place for art and culture, for communication and encounters. It offers professional artists an attractive setting and young up-and-coming artists find an initial platform here. But the emco Group's commitment extends far beyond this.

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