When planning the construction or renovation of a building, it makes sense to also consider an effective dirt barrier in the entrance area right from the start, because it plays a decisive role in terms of value retention and sustainability. Obviously, the less dirt and moisture that enter the building, the better the protection for the floor coverings - the longer they can remain in the building and do not need to be replaced. In addition, a clean entrance makes a representative impression - and cleaning costs as well as cleaning agents can be saved. Many good reasons for the 3-zone cleaning from emco!

Dirt stays outside

The concept for consistent dirt reduction in the entrance area is based on the combination of coordinated entrance mats and clean run coverings to absorb coarse, fine and damp dirt. For architects and planners, emco offers individual advice. Entrance mats are used in zones 1 and 2. They consist of functional inserts in aluminum support profiles that ensure effective abrasion of coarse and fine dirt. The dirt particles fall into the spaces between the carrier profiles, which prevents them from being carried further. Now the "roughest" is done, but the icing on the cake is yet to come: the 3rd zone. It should not only be included in the design, but should also be as long as possible, since moisture takes longer to be absorbed than dirt. It can therefore be longer than zones 1 and 2.

The emco 3-zone cleaning system combines different types of mats into a sensible system - optimized for the respective need, here in the Gelderlandplein shopping center, Amsterdam (Netherlands).


Include clean run zone

In zone 3, a clean run covering is used that absorbs damp and residual dirt and can be individually adapted to the building situation, both in terms of color design and decor and in terms of length. However, the longer the better. Because the more contacts a visitor has with the clean run system, the stronger the effect. After all, each visitor brings up to 12 grams of dirt into the building, including pebbles, moisture and, in winter, aggressive road salt - real dangers for the floor coverings that also cause high cleaning costs. This is where 3-zone cleaning provides a remedy, because it reduces the entry of dirt as a cost and damage factor. A little more with every step.



The system can be optimally adapted to the conditions and permanently reduces the cleaning effort for adjacent floor coverings, whose service life is significantly increased.

Cleanliness and freedom of design in harmony

The 3-zone cleaning can be implemented for any entrance situation, depending on the available space. It is true that the larger the accessible area, the better. If the walk-in area is relatively small, the 3rd zone can be laid on top so that no structural changes have to be made. In addition, in such cases, zones 1 and 2 can be combined in an emco entrance matting system. In any case, the 3-zone cleaning system can be perfectly adapted to the respective architecture in terms of form, function and design. Depending on the specifications, the entrance mats are provided with curves, slopes or recesses. A wide range of colors and designs allows a variety of design options. For even more individuality and exclusivity, additional components can be selected, such as a stainless steel profile with a lasered logo.

The high product and design diversity enables precise, individual solutions for a wide variety of architectural and technical requirements.

Conclusion - once again to the point

The 3-zone cleaning reliably picks up all types of dirt, saves cleaning costs, and protects adjacent floor coverings and building equipment. In addition, the systems offer slip resistance and thus help to prevent accidents. What sounds sober and pragmatic can also be optimally adapted to any architectural situation in terms of design and underlines the individual character of the building.

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