Atmospheric connections

Transitions between buildings

When two buildings are connected, transitions of special quality and specific atmosphere are often created. The so-called "Seufzerbrücken", named after the Venetian model, the "Ponte dei Sospiri", came to particular fame.

Modern interpretations are often more exciting: the spiral transition between two high buildings of the Polish architectural office Zalewski. A 80-centimeter wide loop that protrudes from one window and disappears in another. Another notable example of a transition between two buildings is a school by architect Li Xiaodong. In Fujian (China) he built a bridge over a river between two ancient fortresses, in which is now learned.

The Australian architecture student Josephine Turner has also presented a design in which the connections between buildings and building parts play an important role: the high - rise complex "Bangaroo Sky Village" consists of different buildings of different heights with various functions like living and working, inter alia by Bridges. Different levels are green, and wind energy is used for the energy supply.

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