Everything started with the Novus office technology business unit. Since starting to manufacture staplers in 1949, the company has meanwhile evolved into a mar- ket leader in the field of desk staplers. One of the reasons: Innovative technology coupled with a consistently high level of quality. 

Ergonomically designed, durable, high-quality office technology that lightens the everyday work load: Staplers and hole punches made by Novus are perfect quality products to give you all the support you need when working in an office. 

Website: www.novus-office.com


staplers · perforators · stapling pliers · staples 

B8FC – The world's first desk stapler with gear-driven lever mechanism

B2200 – first block perforator with sliding adjuster and punching capacity for 200 sheets of paper 

Novus B33 black – Practical stapling pliers for professional use 

re+new – sustainabil staplers and perforators from Novus with up to 95% of recycled plastic