Adding comfort to bathrooms

We spoke to Dietmar Stephan

Dietmar Stephan is responsible for product management and marketing communications at emco Bad. We spoke to him about the benefits of the emco light system which allows individual moods to be conjured up in bathrooms with light and how this innovation came about in the first place.

Mr. Stephan, light has a vital role to play in bathrooms. The emco light system allows individual light scenarios to be designed for bathrooms. What is the idea behind this?

The idea behind the scenarios sprung from the possibility of being able to adjust multiple lighting products and lights in the bathroom at the same time. Instead of, for example, having to adjust the mirror cabinet and the cosmetic mirror individually, you simply select the required scene and all the lights in the room change their colour and intensity at the same time. A significant plus when it comes to bathroom comfort.

What approach did you take when developing the concepts for the three preset moods Cosmetic, Energizing and Relaxing?

We thought about typical bathroom situations (waking up, relaxing, grooming, etc.) and then chose the perfect mood lighting for each of these and saved the scenarios into the emco light system. For example, optimum light temperature of 4,000 Kelvin (neutral white) with high light intensity of 100 % for applying make-up. For relaxation, we move into the warm light range (3,100 Kelvin) and reduce the strength of the light to 30 %. But the best thing is that you can set up your own favourite lighting arrangement and save it as a scenario in the system.

The emco light system allows different bathroom lights to be networked – which ones, and how does it all work in technical terms?

In principle, all the lights in the system are integrated via suitable “intermediate adapters”. However, it should be noted that the colour and/or the light temperature cannot be automatically changed on all lighting elements. A standard incandescent bulb can only be on or off. In technical terms, we use Bluetooth Low Energy and a mesh network based on Casambi. All products (lights, app, controllers, mirror cabinets, etc.) communicate with each other via Bluetooth. The benefit of the mesh network is that it forwards the Bluetooth signals. This means that up to 127 lights can be integrated and controlled simultaneously in the system. As soon as the app starts, all Bluetooth-enabled light sources are displayed and you can start immediately. From switching on and off, through changing the lighting moods, to putting lights into groups or creating lighting scenarios.

App Casambi

Adjust lights, light color values and lighting moods with the emco controller

Illuminated mirror cabinet evo with integrated

What makes the emco light system so special with respect to comparable competitor products?

It’s the combination of intuitive operation and immediate availability. The system allows all the available lights to be controlled together or separately and, unlike other manufacturers on the market, they are available for immediate use without any expensive cabling, switch systems or special server technologies. Simply download and app and off you go! We wanted to create a simple means of controlling the bathroom lighting in old buildings, rented apartments and new builds. Light control at its easiest!

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