Entrance mats

A worthwhile investment in your building

As an investor, operator, landlord or owner, it is important to you not only to keep your building clean but also to keep the costs manageable. When it comes to the use of barrier matting systems, naturally the main concern is to protect the building from dirt, but ideally you are also increasing its earning power as well as adding to the high-class appearance of the entrance area. We explain what is involved. 

Cleanliness begins with the first step - on our Sauberlaufsystemen.

As the world's leading manufacturer, we produce entrance matting systems for dirt and moisture reduction in the object. Their function goes far beyond the secure protection of the building and its users.

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Protect your building and save on cleaning costs!

You can rely on emco entrance mat systems, as they contribute significantly to increasing and maintaining the value of your property and also improve the comfort and safety of the inhabitants. The mats protect adjacent floor coverings against contamination and damage which is particularly important in top-quality buildings with floor coverings made from valuable materials such as natural stone or marble. What's more, you don't need to clean as often which lowers your cleaning costs and protects your budget! A nice side effect: cleaning the floors less frequently helps to prevent people from slipping and also protects the environment. Not least of all, the floor coverings look clean for longer. As emco entry mats can be rolled out, they are exceptionally robust and easy to clean and lay out which you will already benefit from in the installation phase. With tailored designs and high quality workmanship, we give you the tools to transform your entrance into an inviting reception area. 

Exceptionally economical: Three zones for maximum efficiency

3-zone cleaning from emco provides optimum protection even for buildings with high footfall. As a combination of different mat types, this is a flexible system which can easily be integrated into a wide variety of entrance areas.

Let's review the advantages once more: 

  • The entrance mat significantly reduces cleaning tasks. This saves money and also protects the environment thanks to the low consumption of water and cleaning substances.

  • The interior floor covering is always protected against damage, dirt and corrosion with de-icing salts which safeguards the value of the building in the long term. 

  • The mat also significantly reduces the risk of an accident or slipping as a result of moisture or dirt on the floor.

Have we piqued your interest or do you have any questions or specific concerns? Then make the most of our service which is there for you from the planning phase right up to the installation and beyond.

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