emco Group: Expansion and focus to strengthen the core business

Christian Gnaß, Managing Partner of the emco Group, is satisfied with the past financial year 2017: "In 2016 we changed our internal structures in order to create a basis for expansion and focus to focus even more on our strengths in the individual business areas. " The emco Group, with its six business units, continues to be broad-based and therefore not susceptible to fluctuations in the market. Nevertheless, the focus on core competencies forms the long-term strategic orientation of the approximately 1,200-strong family-owned company headquartered in Lingen.

emco Bau: world market leader in the field of entrance mats

Innovative entrance mat systems in the private and commercial sector have been the core business of the emco Bau division for more than 50 years. With production facilities in France, the Czech Republic, Turkey and China, as well as worldwide sales offices, the products are available worldwide. In order to grow even faster in this segment, emco took an unusual, but very forward-looking step in 2017: emco gave its climate technology division to Kampmann and in return received its entrance mat division. The Group thus strengthened its position as the international market leader in the field of clean-running systems and separated itself from a division in which Kampmann is better positioned. Both companies are closely linked with their headquarters in Lingen and can secure the future of the business location Emsland at the same time. A real win-win situation for both companies.

Novus Bürotechnik and emco Bad are luminaire experts

Suitable light in all areas of life is part of the modern lifestyle of today. The emco Group recognized this early on and worked on innovative lighting solutions in its research and development center. Whether perfectly lit workstations or atmospheric lighting in the bathroom - investment in development has paid off, and the products are well received in the international market. "LED lighting technology will continue to be a central research area for us next year. We want to develop this technology in different directions and thus expand our position internationally as a specialist for lighting in the bathroom as well as in the working environment with different emphases, starting from the light mirrors and the ASIS modules and light mirror cabinets, "says one of the big goals for the coming years.

In line with this plan, the purchase of Fraas Spiegel GmbH & Co. KG, headquartered in the Franconian Eckental, can also be seen. The subsidiary emco Bad has thus extended its product portfolio with high-quality beauty mirrors. In addition, emco Bad will benefit from synergies in sales in the future.

emco electric scooter relies on the sharing system

Already seven years ago, the emco Group founded the electric scooter division. Meanwhile over 250 dealers offer emco's silent two-wheelers. Since its foundation, the company has gained valuable experience and has been able to continuously improve the technology of its products. "The market is developing slowly, but we have good approaches that will make us confidently look forward to the year ahead. Recently, we were able to conclude a framework agreement for international fast food deliverers, which we are now equipping with our scooters, "says a delighted Gnass, adding:" But we have a lot more to offer in this sector. "Among other things, emco sets electric scooters to e-scooters Sharing - a trend that works in a similar way to modern car sharing and is now booming.

The business unit is in close contact with companies and municipal utilities of major German cities.

Family business on the way to becoming a global player

"The strategic goals of our company are firmly defined in our Agenda 2020 and will be implemented step by step," says Gnaß. "We are and will remain a family business, which brings us many benefits in many areas. Lingen is the largest location with around 600 employees. Our employees here are our greatest asset and reflect the corporate identity of the emco Group. In addition, we have constantly adapted our organizational structure to the requirements in recent years. This makes us more flexible and strengthens our international role. We have thus found our way ", commented Gnass the peculiarities of the group with regard to the future. "The focus on growth and expansion of our international market presence will continue to drive and employ us in the coming financial year."

The fact that the group is excellently positioned, despite large investments, is also confirmed by the operating figures: the company achieved a new sales record in 2017 with over 160 million euros.