emco Group: From Lingen into the wide world

The emco Group headquartered in Lingen stands for a success story in three business fields. This has also become clear at a press event on Thursday, April 11, in Werk II of emco Bad GmbH.

During a guided tour of Werk II of the emco Group in Lingen, the participants from the press and business could get a detailed picture of the diverse production.

Company provides deep insights

Lingen, April 12, 2019 – The emco Group headquartered in Lingen stands for a success story in three business fields. This has also become clear at a press event on Thursday, April 11, in Werk II of emco Bad GmbH. Transparent, honest and with clear goals, the management showed a comprehensive insight into the corporate culture, a guided tour through the halls and their plans for the future.

"What emco is about is a depth of production and processing on site," emphasized managing partner Christian Gnaß in a round of media and business representatives. In 2020, the company around the founder Erwin Müller has existed for 75 years - an owner-managed company that continues to implement the values of the corporate culture even after the death of Harald Müller in 2015. "We are now entering a new era of creating a new set of rules, preserving culture and developing it," said Mr. Gnass. For this you have to have a team that carries these values.

Successful in many fields

Although the emco Group has its origins in Lingen, the group operates successfully on an international level - in all its segments: construction technology for entrance mats and high-quality construction equipment with state-of-the-art lighting technology, everyday office technology from punches to table binders as well as the development and production of electric scooters , Emco employs more than 1200 people worldwide - 600 of them alone in Lingen.

The big shop with entrance mats

"Probably every second door you enter is equipped with an entrance mat by emco," informs Gnass. The last thing that would be inserted, for example, at the opening of a shopping mall, was the entrance mat. Only at the end you can adjust them perfectly. "That's why emco stands for fast production and delivery," adds Gnaß. However, the shareholder emphasizes: "We want to manufacture mats and we want to manufacture them here in Lingen."

Worry child Berliner Flughafen

The Emsland-based company also produced mats for the entree and terminal areas for Berlin Airport. "We even had to put in an extra shift to deliver on time. We succeeded, but then the date for the opening was postponed. If the mats are no longer found, we have to produce again, "says Gnaß jokingly.

Premium products with warranty

"Architecture", "Worklife" and "Mobility": the four brands emco Bad und Bau, Novus, Dahle and emco electric scooter are divided into these fields. All product divisions stand for quality to the highest degree. Gnass knows that too - and therefore says just as honestly: "As different as our products may be: they are expensive. Of course, we also adjust to market prices, but are clearly in favor of premium products that have a long service life and to which we can therefore give guarantees without hesitation. "

Other countries, other needs

Gnass and the entire management of the emco Group is aware of one thing: "Employees are an important asset. That's why the corporate group attaches great importance to many further training opportunities, cooperations and the specific needs of its employees - not only in Germany, but also at its international locations, including the Czech Republic, Russia, Italy and even the USA. "There are different demands in every country. In China, for example, much emphasis is placed on good food. That is why it invests particularly in fresh canteen meals, "explains Gnass.

Strong in the region

The company is in a good starting position: emco Group generated 160 million euros in sales for the past year and is now aiming for 200 million euros. Although the shortage of skilled workers is noticeable everywhere, "we are fortunate and are among the most popular employers - above all in the Emsland," reports Gnass. Also supported by the city of Lingen. "Lingen is attractive to many people," says Gnass.

The emco Group is currently focusing more on Cooporate Social Responsibility, both for the environment and the working conditions for employees - just one of the topics for the future in which emco Group will continue to do so over the next 75 years would like to shine with clever ideas and products.

One thing Gnass can rightfully say right now, and even after his presentation to the press and the business community, is "We are proud of what we are doing here."