Strategic reorientation

Strengthening the business segments, international growth and securing the Lingen site. These are the strategic objectives of emco Group and Kampmann GmbH. The portfolio of both groups is broadly diversified. With its emco, Novus and Dahle brands, Emco can already successfully hold its own in the international market. The Kampmann company group is also a family-run company operating in the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning industry with headquarters in Lingen.

f.l.: The managing partners Hendrik Kampmann (Kampmann GmbH) and Christian Gnaß (emco Group) are pleased about the strategic reorientation of their entrance mats and air conditioning technology divisions.Picture source: Lingener Tagespost, Thomas Pertz

Both companies are active in the construction and climatic engineering division on the market. This consists of the entrance mat systems, where emco is very successful in the market, as well as the project business in the climatic area, which is operated by Kampmann as a market leader.

In order to secure itself in the future and to grow internationally even faster, emco and Kampmann have decided to enter into a unique deal. The emco Group acquires the entrance mats division of Kampmann, which in turn acquires the climate party of emco.

It's a business on top terms. Both sides use synergies with this project. In addition, both partners are consolidating their headquarters at the Lingen location, as part of the agreement is that no jobs are lost and the over 100 affected employees of both companies do not suffer any disadvantages.

Mark names remain

Christian Gnaß, Managing Partner of emco Group, and Hendrik Kampmann, Managing Partner of Kampmann GmbH, announced this on Monday. "We have been competitors in the past in these areas, but have always treated us with respect. Kampmann Eingangsmatten GmbH produces its entry mats at the site Gräfenhainichen near Leipzig, the climate division of emco is located at plant II in the industrial area at the transmitter in Lingen. And one more thing is certain: the brand names of both products and services remain intact. This means that Kampmann will distribute the climate products under the brand name emco and emco the entry mats as brand Kampmann.

Transparency for employees

Gnaß and Kampmann want transparency, especially for their employees. It was decided to openly communicate the intention from the outset. The works council and all employees at the affected locations were informed during the course of various events on Monday in both companies. Prior to this, unanimous resolutions had been issued by the Shareholders' Meeting, the Advisory Board and the Managing Board. "We are still at the beginning of the process. In the next step, formal examinations and tasks will be carried out by the third quarter," commented Gnaß.