The emco Group Lingen celebrates its jubilarians

Longtime affiliation represents loyalty and great attachment to the company, but also means enjoyment of one's own activity, which can be performed under suitable conditions in a collegial working atmosphere.

Christian Gnass (CEO emco Group) middle, congratulates Thomas Müller, Gregor Sperver, Paul Feldt, Udo Podlech and Jörg Hendrischk on the company anniversary.

Thanks for many years of commitment to 18 employees

Lingen, November 2, 2018 - Long-standing affiliation means loyalty and great attachment to the company, but also means enjoying your own work, which can be done in good working conditions in a collegial working atmosphere. The emco Group Lingen is an example of great employee loyalty and low turnover. Christian Gnass, CEO and Managing Partner of the emco Group, has honored employees on behalf of the company for their 45-year, 40-year and 25-year tenure.

The ceremony took place in the Kulturforum Sankt Michael and was accompanied by the music group "Unisono", whose young band members perform against donations for aid projects in South Africa.

In total, 18 anniversaries were honored this year. In his speech, Gnass spoke personally to each one of them, highlighting his current position, professional background, training and commitment. Paul Feldt and Gregor Sperver joined the company back in 1973, an impressive 45 years for emco. Jörg Hendrischk, Thomas Müller and Udo Podlech followed with 40 years of service, a number of years of work that are rarely spent in a company today. "We have many employees who have been very loyal to us for a long time. We are very pleased and at the same time show that as a family business we are a popular employer in the region. Even though we have become so large that corporate structures have been introduced, it is our great concern that we always retain the advantages of a family business for our employees, "says a delighted Gnass about the current situation.

Melanie Krawczyk, Michael Hasselberg, Gerald Rohoff, Magdi-Ismail El-Mazaly, Michaela Schultz, Eva Moser, Thomas Nankemann, Uwe Schaar, Frank Rolfes, Ralf Heidhaus, Matthias Voss, Berthold Hopster and Claudia Batzke were honored for their 25 years of service , Another great anniversary will be available to the emco Group in less than two years. Then it will be 75 years ago that Lingen's initial manufacturing of patented office staplers has given rise to a globally operating company with a diverse product range and over 1,200 employees.